We’re Number ?

The Pee Wee football team had just completed an undeafted season to win the league championship. The boys gathered around after the game for a celebration photo and the parents all have their cameras ready to shoot.

The head coach, in the back row,  barked out – “You boys just won the championship – so get your hands up and show them what number you are!” and he then help up his hand high with with his index finger proudly indicating that his team was “Number One”.

But many of the boys were signaling something different – some had their heads down look preplxed one even took off his cleats and socks… one of the dads asked – his son – “what are you doing” to which the 7 year old boy replied – “trying to figure out how to hold up my number – seventy-five”.

It was at that point that the coach realized what was going on and baked out again – “No you goofballs – not your  jearsy number – the team’s number – we’re number one! Like this!”

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  1. Thanks – I will do just that! Appreciate the comment and tips too…please feel free to contribute any stories and I will link back to you. I will add you to the blog roll too. this is a VERY part time project for me BTW

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