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A Cute Kid Story for Thanksgiving

Courtesy of Will and Guys Joke  Site

Next year I hope to have some stories from the Logical Kid Community….but we are so new and I could not remember any of my own so I looked around the Internet and found this one. Happy Thanksgiving everyone and thanks to the folks who have already submitted some fun stories. Be sure to check back to see them soon!

Thanksgiving Logic – Dad must be waiting for the biggest piece of pie!

Jolene was only 8 and lived with family in the country with her parents and brother.  Consequently they did not often have visitors from the city.  One day Jolene’s mother said that father was bringing two guests home for Thanksgiving supper.

After they had enjoyed the turkey, Jolene went to the kitchen to help her mother, and proudly brought in the first piece of pumpkin pie and gave it to her father.  He then passed the plate to a guest.  When Jolene came in with the second piece and gave it to his father, he again gave it to a guest.

This was too much for Little Jolene, who blurted out, ‘It’s no use, Daddy. The pieces are all the same size.

I also scanned a number of nice parent blogs this morning and thought this was a very nice thank you from a popular Mom Blogger. Enjoy!