Potty Training – at The Home Depot!

Years ago when my son who is now 21 was being potty trained, I took him to a store called Courtesy Home Buiders. This was a store like Home Depot. He must have been 2-3 years of age. He was very good in the training stage but had this unique pose for doing number one. He would lift the toilet seat and use his left hand to hold the seat and lean against it. I mention this because you need to visualize this to get a better appreciation of the story. Well at the store we were getting things for a home project and Courtesy had unique toilet display. The toilets formed a circle with different layers forming a pyramid effect. Twenty toilets at the base and one single toilet at the top. Imagine the display towered about 15 feet high. Well, guess who climbed the display and stood at the top toilet for all to see and he proceeded to use the toilet. He was very proud of being successful. The store manager was not so pleased and I could never properly explain to my son why there was no water in the toilet to flush. Oh and I never did ask him why he chose the top toilet either.

The Tail Gate Kid

“What do you think brother is doing right now?”

That was the question from our 11 year old daughter.


She knew that her older brother had been invited to attend a major college football game and he had left early in that morning to drive several hours to the game with his friend and the family that had the season tickets.

My wife said – “Well the game starts in a couple hours so I imagine he is tailgating”

This concerned our daughter greatly. She was visibly upset and nervous.

“What’s the matter?” I said.

“Well I hope he doesn’t get hurt or arrested because tailgating is illegal and dangerous. Why is he tailgating anyway?”

It then dawned on us that the only definition of tailgating our girl knew was of the driving in a car nature versus the festivities before a football game.